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Posted by lsylvain at Jul 14, 2007 10:44:28 AM
Link error
I grabbed the latest from subversion. The build appeared to go fine until the link target executed, at which point I saw the following error:

g++ -g3 -O0 -Wall -o buildtest.exe buildtest.o ./lib/.libs/libsword.a -lz
./lib/.libs/libsword.a(swobject.o): In function `_ZNK5sword7SWClass16isAssignableFromEPKc':
/i/working/sword/lib/../src/utilfuns/swobject.cpp:31: undefined reference to `sword::stricmp(char const*, char const*)'

I investigated and from what I can see the stricmp method appears to be declared in utilstr.h and implemented in utilstr.cpp, and utilstr.cpp appears to have compiled successfully (there is both a utilstr.o and utilstr.lo in the lib directory when the build completes). I have attached a full compile and link log for your reference. Any suggestions on how to investigate or, better, to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.