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Posted by karl at Jun 23, 2007 8:38:09 PM
Re: Different view options
I would really appreciate it if the Sword environment included the option of tabbed browsing for all texts.

FYI, the next release of GnomeSword will include per-tab subwindow show state.

That is, in any given tab, pick which elements you want shown -- Bible, previewer, commentary/book, dictionary. That set of show choices is remembered just for that tab. This means that you can e.g. open a genbook in a new tab, and that's all that will be shown in that tab, unless you specifically request the other subwindows off the View menu.

Loading up a saved tab set (File -> Open Session) will auto-upgrade the saved tab specification to include per-tab show state (initially inherited from global state), which you can then modify and re-save if you have specific alterations.

The next GS will also have a base font size for all modules' display, in the Preferences dialog. So you can make all texts an extra step or two larger, without having to diddle with every single module's configuration.

We've decided to wait for Sword 1.5.10 before making the next GS release. But you're welcome to build GS yourself, and get this feature now, if you wish. It works fine built against today's Sword 1.5.9.
Project Admin, Xiphos