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Posted by karl at Apr 3, 2007 3:29:11 AM
Re: Repository
I don't get into the forums very often, and so I don't keep close track of what happens here...

I have no specific help to offer on Dapper. Terry and I release source, and both of us work in Fedora. We have regular participants who then build install-ready binaries for SuSE 10.x, FC5&6, and a recent Ubuntu and Debian. We'd be happy to provide at least pointers to available binaries for Dapper, but we're not in a position to order it up from anyone -- if you can find such a person who would be willing to pull down our (roughly monthly) releases and build for Dapper, we'd be overjoyed to put pointers to such builds in our download references, but there is little we can do directly to induce this. Dapper may even be too old to provide adequately recent libraries (e.g. gtkhtml3.8) necessary for GS to function -- I simply don't know.
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