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Posted by karl at Apr 3, 2007 3:18:49 AM
Re: Starting From Scratch
First, what is the difference between GnomeSword and BibleTime? How do they differ from the BibleTool program functioning at ?

GS and BT are 2 different Sword-based study tools for use in the Linux environment. Their differences lie in their desktop environment assumptions: GS is based around the GTK and GNOME libraries; BT is KDE-based. (GS also builds/runs in the Windows/Cygwin environment.) GS and BT represent some different ideas in user interface choices, mostly.

What's available at the .../study link is "SwordWeb," which is a set of tools you can install on your server if you wish. Take a look at

Second, I run a Bible information site that draws a few thousand people daily ... I'd love to install something as comprehensive as the programs that are part of the Sword project but, while I've loaded quite a few things, the sheer number of possibilities I've encountered in the sword world are boggling ... to me anyway.

SwordWeb is probably what you're hunting for.

Third, the server/s I use are typical LAMP set ups running Fedora, core 4 if I am not mistaken. What is the protocol for installation? The install issues I see mentioned seem to assume a higher level of sophistication than I presently have. What do I start with first, choosing GnomeSword or Bibletime, or installing the Sword program, or something else?

I suspect that FC4 is a bit too far out of date by now to handle recent requirements to build or install GS or BT. We on GS work with FC5 and FC6, plus a couple recent Ubuntu flavors, and SuSE 10.x. Well... It looks (from the BT SourceForge area) like BT still supports FC4, but I strongly suspect that you're at the edge of losing support there, too, just because FC4 is aging (and RedHat itself will move FC4 to "legacy" status after F7 comes out, just as FC3 is now).

But that's all for the typical user installation, intending to do personal study using a set of individually-selected resource downloads. It would seem that SwordWeb is what you're looking to install, for use from your web server, and the installation details would be found on its page at Crosswire.

Project Admin, Xiphos