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Posted by Jody at Mar 31, 2007 11:42:13 AM
Starting From Scratch
Greetings ... I am new to the forums, and have a few questions. If they sound excessively naive and/or ignorant, remember "I am new."

First, what is the difference between GnomeSword and BibleTime? How do they differ from the BibleTool program functioning at ?

Second, I run a Bible information site that draws a few thousand people daily ... I'd love to install something as comprehensive as the programs that are part of the Sword project but, while I've loaded quite a few things, the sheer number of possibilities I've encountered in the sword world are boggling ... to me anyway.

Third, the server/s I use are typical LAMP set ups running Fedora, core 4 if I am not mistaken. What is the protocol for installation? The install issues I see mentioned seem to assume a higher level of sophistication than I presently have. What do I start with first, choosing GnomeSword or Bibletime, or installing the Sword program, or something else? And, how, as noted in the first place, do they differ, if at all.

Suggestions are appreciated.