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Posted by switchfoo at Mar 17, 2007 1:07:17 PM
confused   Help. Making PC SWORD Project Module into MacSword .swd Module
There is great translation that is a free download for the SWORD Project PC. I need help to move it to MacSword.

The 'Institute for Scripture Research' has released one of their translations as a download for the SWORD Project.

(bottom of page)

The Module is "The Scriptures 1998 (ISR)" and goes by the short form TS1998
download url:

Obviously, since it's an .exe I can't get to it directly on my Mac. So, i tried installing it on my Window machine and then copying everything that i could se as relevant to the Module from "\The SWORD Project\modules" and pasting into "Applications/MacSword/Modules"

I fiddled with that for a while but I have to concede that my cheap trick isn't working. Does anyone have any help that doesn't involve me recompiling something or using the Terminal? :-)

Since the Module download page ( lists tons of downloads for both Windows and OSX, I'm assuming someone has done this very many times.

Thanks everyone.