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Posted by cyberwolf at Feb 15, 2004 4:52:58 AM
Re: Tags for italics/color font in modules?

I managed to make it display correctly when I set the ModDrv in the conf file to RawLD4. Still don't know why Ingo's devotional module displayed correctly with ModDrv set to RawLD (with out 4 at the end).


imp2ld <filename> [modname] [ 4 (default) | 2 | z - module driver]

When using imp2ld you can choose between 3 formats for building the module, i.e. RawLD (2), RawLD4 (4), zLD (z). The irritating thing about this tool is that its default is set to 4 and addld has its default set to 2, and RawLD corresponds to 2. This is something I also had problems with until I read the usage;-).