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Posted by Coburn at Nov 24, 2006 9:51:35 PM
Re: messianic writeings modules....
hey all!

i was wondering if it would be all possable to create modules for the sword project for people who do Torah study to the "parashat" 3 year torah cycle?

there is a website that has a ton of info for the 3 year cycle, ... what i was wondering if there was a way to make a devotinal plugin that would parse that weeks torah, haf-torah (the prophets), tehillim (psalms), birit haddashah (new testament), and also mishna, and talmud readins for that week.


I was advised that in order to make a custom devotional, the most straightforward way is to use an existing devotional like DBD, and replace the text and links with your own text and links. I believe Karl posted to me on this.

The tricky part in my mind would be to set up the 3-year cycle, since Sword devotionals use a goyishe 365-day cycle.

But as it says, when Israel is grafted back in, that is life from the dead. There needs to be a way to do this.

My personal puzzle is that I want to automate a daily reading from Mishlei (Proverbs). There are 375 proverbs from chs. 10 to 22. Not counting leap days, which I don't understand yet, the cycle repeats 45 times in 44 lunar years.

What I have in mind is more like stepping through a verse list, and starting over when you are done. This would be a solution that you could probably use too.

It would be cool if you could link the Sword calendar functions for your devotional to a Hebrew calendar plugin on your computer. One that I have located is the Debian Linux package hebcal. There must be more--what do they do in Israel?

I'm sure plenty of people would appreciate this feature if it were made known how to set it up.