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Posted by hermeneutes at Feb 13, 2004 6:38:32 AM
Re: Tags for italics/color font in modules?
I've tried making a devotional using the OSIS markup shown above. I did the tagging then converted the txt file to UTF-8 file and used imp2ld utility to convert it to a module.

Unfortunately I can't get the devotional to display correctly. The entry for 0.1.01 is displayed correctly but the list of entries to the right of the devodional is not correct. Sometimes it contains dates, sometimes pieces of text.

I even tried Ingo's \par \par markup which you discouraged - to the same (unsuccessful) effect.

Ingo's devotional (which he sent me) is displayed correctly, and the Daily devotional I've downloaded from the server is also displayed correctly.

Must the devotional have entries for all days of the year to display correctly?

I only have entries for the first three months of the year.

Will appreciate your help.