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Posted by Coburn at Sep 29, 2006 9:35:46 PM
Re: Repository
I had the exact same problem.

I thought I either had package conflicts with a game I took a peek at, or it was a flaw in the Breezy upgrade.

What I had to do was clean install Dapper on another drive, move all my personal files over, and re-download gnomesword.

But it sounds like that's almost what you did. A clean install, I mean.

The error messages I was getting had to do with GTK.

I would not download the deb file and try to install it unless you were sure you had all the dependencies taken care of. Though you could look under Properties in Synaptic when you select gnomesword and write them all down.

You can download them singly from and/or download the sword debs singly from Then you have to use Package Manager or <sudo dpkg --install> in Terminal to install them. But I wouldn't try that. It doesn't sound like you know enough yet to pick out the right packages from the FTP site--I don't think I do either.

Hope this works out for you.