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Posted by Coburn at Sep 29, 2006 9:09:31 PM
Re: Where is the RSV modules?
Number one, I don't mean to seem like I don't appreciate certain versions. Just playing a little Simon Cowell there. To be specific, I'm being blunt, but I don't want to lack gratitude or be unkind. Every Bible has its area of genius.

As far as the RSV goes, a person would have to know where to look ...

For one thing, in there are a couple of html files that list public-domain and private Bibles. RSV is listed as private. Like I said at some point, somebody appears to have requested that it be pulled.

Sounds like a case for prayer.



<rant> Although it seems a shame in light of our Commission and such, that we should restrict distribution of any Bible... "The Word of God is not bound" and all that. </rant>