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Posted by Coburn at Sep 14, 2006 10:11:07 PM
rose   Re: old testament in audio
PS it is really great that you want to memorize those two portions of Scripture.

Hey, I am reading through the Bible in a year and today I am on Ps 87. Isn't it a wonderful song of worship?

If you are familiar with worship music, do you know the song, "Who is this?" ?

Who is this/that appears/like the dawn
Fairer than the moon/brighter than the sun/you're the lover of my soul
Draw me near to you/draw me near to you

We will run/we will fly/we will be together...
Draw me near to you...

Did you notice that in Ca 6.10 the speaker is the Bridegroom? Wow, man. That really impacted me when I realized about His love.