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GSword online Bible studio brings the power of desktop Bible tools into Web 2.0, so that users can enjoy Bible study with the same power of these tools without managing them. GSword is a powerful Bible study website based on Java, Groovy, Grails technologies. GSword lets you study several translations and commentaries in parallel and without artificial chapter/passage length limitations. The search facility is fast and powerful. It also comes with other tools like dictionaries including Strong's numbers and several Chinese dictionaries. It integrates topical Bible study with the rest of the Bible tools on GSword naturally. It can generate PowerPoint® file with Bible verses automatically.

GSword runs one year through the Bible and Daily Devotion programmes. It is also the back-end engine that sustains these programmes including the popular One Year Through Bible email lists, RSS feed, and Twitters (Meditate the Word, Memorize the Word) etc.

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