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About: NT Manuscript Variant Apparatus

This book gives the main variant readings of the Greek New Testament. Since there are thousands of manuscripts of the NT, it is natural that there are differences between them, and it is not always easy to determine which was the original reading, even if the text of 99% of the verses is clear.

In this book, the variants of a verse, if they exist, are listed separated by an empty line. The text of the SBL Greek New Testament is always given first, and the alternative readings are on the following lines. Every reading is followed by the witnesses, that is the manuscripts that contain it.

The order for the witnesses is: papyri, uncials, families, minuscules, lectionaries, ancient versions, fathers, editions, and Italian translations.

Papyri: The manuscripts written on papyrus rather than parchment. They are indicated by a p with a superscript number.

Uncials: The manuscripts written with capital letters. They are listed with the Hebrew letter aleph (