[xiphos-devel] 1.9.0RC3 Windows builds

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 00:39:27 EDT 2020

So we're back on the upgrade train for Sword this time.

But we can't make official Fedora 30 builds because the window for that
closed about a year ago. So I'm trying to update our build Dockerfile to
compile Sword 1.9.0 from source with the older libraries. But the old
version of gcc there gives an error with the 1.9.0 sources in my attempt to
cross compile for 64-bit targets. Then I get this error:

/usr/src/sword-1.9.0RC3/src/modules/common/rawstr4.cpp:116:21: error: cast
from 'sword::FileDesc*' to 'long unsigned i
nt' loses precision [-fpermissive]

   if ((unsigned long)datfd > 0) {

The builds run fine on modern Fedora, so it's not an issue with Sword
itself. It's the older version of gcc that's on Fedora 30. This leaves us a
"do we patch Sword" somehow, or do we finally bite the bullet and get off
GTK2/Fedora 30?

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