[xiphos-devel] GConf2, mingw-biblesync package news/questions

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 08:54:28 MST 2020

I'm getting caught up on messages and tasks over the weekend related to
Fedora packages and two quick things:

1) I got a mingw-biblesync package approved for Fedora, including the f30
branch. Builds are happening now, and that will appear in the
updates-testing and eventually updates repo in short order. Once it does,
I'll update CI to pull the package rather than require a checkout of
Biblesync code to build.

2) Does our display toolkit still rely on GConf2? Have we or are we going
to replace it? It's still listed as a build dependency in my package spec,
but the package has recently been orphaned in Fedora and is in danger of
being auto-removed if no one picks it up. If it's still important to us,
I'll pick it up to be sure we don't lose it, but if we have replaced it
(and I just haven't updated the deps) I'll let it go.

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