[xiphos-devel] getting a new release out

Caleb Maclennan caleb at alerque.com
Sun Apr 26 00:55:12 MST 2020

On Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 10:39 AM Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com> wrote:
> We aren't quite there, yet.

Sure we are. But I think we might be talking about different things.
My comments were all about local tagging and builds. That part should
be 100% working now, or my job on that PR isn't done. You should be
able to tag locally, then build and get the right release version.
This can be tested just by `git tag`, then build and run it and see
what version it says it is. `make -C build source_package` should also
have the right filename. (Be sure to delete any such test tags before

What you are talking about is automating the builds on Github when a
tag is pushed to the remote repository so there is no local build step
needed. Great work on that and sorry I havn't been more help by the
way. That's the part you mean is not quite there yet, correct?

> I have CI passing all builds and creating the Windows artifacts, but I don't yet have it creating the final build artifacts for publishing *quite* yet.

I haven't looked at your code yet, but I assume you are building and
posting artifacts on all [push, pull_request] jobs, but filtering `on:
push: tags: [ "v*" ]` and running an extra job on them to post the
correct artifacts to a Github release matching the tag ... correct? Or
at least that's the goal, no?

> I would agree with this sentiment. Fedora is a bit loosey-goosey with what it allows in, but you're not going to slip this past other distros as a patch release. It really isn't, especially once we tossed in the change from libgsf to minizip. Let's just cut loose the next version as 4.2.0 and maybe take the extra few weeks to figure out editor/HTML needs. At least a roadmap even if we don't finish them in time to make 4.2.0, we can have 4.3.0 well on its way.

I definitely don't want to hold up the release any longer than it
needs to be and I'm not advocating for stuffing new features in to
make it worthy of a minor version number bump, all I'm saying is that
it already needs at least a minor version bump with what's in the
release so far. The editor can go in 4.3. I wouldn't put anything else
on the roadmap for 4.2 other than getting the build and release
process ironed out.

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