[xiphos-devel] windows build

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 22:32:20 MST 2020

I have the build working in Docker, currently adding CI to it in Github
Actions. It will auto-build the artifacts (this will be step 1 of getting
automated builds out the door using Github Actions so maintainers and
release managers won't have to build the artifacts and upload them to
Github Releases anymore).

I have a question for Dom and anyone else involved: is any of the
information under the win32/ directory relevant, anymore? It looks like all
the work actually gets done in cpack/windows these days, and I've poked
around but can't find references to the rest of that code elsewhere in the
repo. I haven't done a completely thorough search, though, so I just wanted
to lean on some institutional knowledge if I can. If most of it is now
abandoned in favor of the Fedora builds and packages, then that would be a
huge relief.


On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 3:09 PM Dominique Corbex <dominique at corbex.org>

> On Fri, 24 Apr 2020 14:31:19 -0400
> Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org> wrote:
> > Apr 24 10:51:44 godiva.kleinpaste.org systemd[6546]: Started libcrun
> > container.
> > *Apr 24 10:51:44 godiva.kleinpaste.org conmon[2268009]: conmon
> > f6d89ebf5dda38d47726 <error>: Failed to create container: exit status 1*
> We don't have any more information to deal with...
> Maybe try to run podman directly, like:
> $ podman run -it fedora:latest echo Hello-World
> Trying to pull registry.fedoraproject.org/fedora:latest...
> Getting image source signatures
> Copying blob 00c5bb959822 done
> Copying config 8c2e0da7c4 done
> Writing manifest to image destination
> Storing signatures
> Hello-World
> $
> --
> domcox <dominique at corbex.org>
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