[xiphos-devel] xiphos now requires very latest sword

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Apr 19 12:23:13 MST 2020

For packagers especially, but for everyone building their own:

FYI, I made a commit earlier today, attached to #845
<https://github.com/crosswire/xiphos/issues/845>, that re-works the
handling of .introMaterial in CSS controls. This gets rid of the
grossness of a couple years ago, where I coded an ugly HTML
post-delivery hack to remove self-closing <div/>, which I thought were
erroneous. Turns out they're not technically wrong, if only I could
convince WebKit to operate in XHTML mode. That in turn has proven
effectively impossible and I can't figure out why, every suggestion made
has had zero practical effect.

But yesterday Troy made an accommodating change in Sword, in support of
the idea that depending on WK sanity is unwise when it falls back to
HTML mode too easily, so now Sword no longer generates self-closing
<div/> at all, instead generating milestones with <div...></div>. This
eliminates the need for the post-delivery hack and I've reworked the
code so that it behaves nicely for handling pre-book and -chapter material.

This leaves Xiphos committed as a result: We cannot release a Xiphos
update until there is a new Sword release. Now, more immediately, I have
to get the Windows build working again anyhow, which I'm hoping won't be
too big a challenge, but we'll see. In any event, both of these (Windows
build and Sword release) now stand in the way of getting 4.1.1 out the door.
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