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Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Apr 18 06:31:50 MST 2020

Just to be clear... You folks are in fact suggesting excising the
current integrated editor, to replace it with another integrated editor,
just one that speaks a different editing scheme. You're walking the
center line, between fixing the current nightmare-to-upgrade editor vs.
removing it in favor of reduction to linkage to an entirely external editor.

That's fine. I mean, I suppose I can roll either way, I guess. I just
thought folks would be happier with reducing Xiphos' involvement with
editing from "we do everything in editing" to mere external linkage at
start ("here's the initial [usually empty] doc") and end ("let me now
inhale the result of your editing").

For the record, I would have never suggested literally using $EDITOR.
Joe Random doesn't want to do styled editing in an ordinary text editor,
as is usually indicated by $EDITOR.

On 4/18/20 5:53 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> * Links are pretty trivial

Bear in mind that links in such docs are not just external http-style
links to external sites. The important aspect is cross-referential
links, that is, internal links to other Sword modules. See
http://karl.kleinpaste.org/xiphos/ and look at link-genbook*, especially
-3. (Once upon a time, those images were a brief tutorial on how to do a
link in Xiphos.) These create links like these:

1. Direct linkage to any other Sword module:
2. Scripture xref through the verse list:

This takes advantage of the HTML nature in ThML's essence as
HTML-plus-goodies. ("Goodies" are <note>, <sync>, and <scripRef>.) The
latter example exploits internal habit of how the engine's filters
generate xref from scripRef; the former is simply an odd protocol,
"sword://". No, these are not concepts that are portable to other Sword
apps.  Er, well, sword:// is known in some corners other than Xiphos,
and xiphos-nav operates on its basis.

I wish I could have done xrefs as actual ThML <scripRef>, avoiding the
post-filter appearance of such links, but that wasn't possible.

And no, these features aren't reflective of my personal bias re: ThML.
It's just that an editor's HTML result is best interpreted by Sword as
ThML, exactly because of HTML-plus-goodies. HTML content makes no sense
as any other Sword-grasped content type. If we could add an MD filter
set to Sword directly, we could walk away from round trip MD to HTML and
HTML to MD. But that's not going to happen.
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