[xiphos-devel] [sword-devel] CrossWire Society on GitLab, our own GitLab server

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jan 11 05:27:55 MST 2019

Over and above the GitLab server which we now have installed and active
on the CrossWire server we have also a group on GitLab(the company). We
also have a pre-existing CrossWire group on GitHub (the company)

The rough division of labour between the two GitLab instances is 

On CrossWire's server we will host canonical shared software (not so
much individual members's private repos of the same) and internal text
projects which should not be exposed to the world at large. 

Latter will be short living projects on not-public domain texts which
will invariably get deleted again and are solely to offer us a work
space to collaborate until we have something ready to make a module
from and/or something to submit again upstream. 

The GitLab (the company) group has a wider remit - it offers
collaboration space to all who participate in the widest sense, as
there is no premium to be paid for server space or backup facilities we
are quite free to keep things there in eternity. That said - also in
relation to public domain texts , it is by far better in general if we
try and identify those that hold some maintenance function for such
public domain texts and submit our corrections and improvements there
instead of keeping them under CrossWire's name. By agreement from long
time ago CrossWire does not want to become a text repository - though
often enough members of us have been on the forefront of maintaining
important Public Domain texts.  

We will not keep any canonical software repositories on the GitLab
(company) site as we want to maintain ultimate control over these. 

So, with this explanation out of the way, can I invite interested
members of these mailing lists to join both our CrossWire group on
GitLab(the company) - particularly if you are interested or involved in
(public domain) text development and our own GitLab instance on
CrossWire server - particularly if you already collaborate with others
of us on restricted license texts or our software.

Yours in Him 


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