[xiphos-devel] CMake port

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon May 14 15:02:18 MST 2018

On 05/14/2018 03:42 PM, dominique at corbex.org wrote:
> translators have to translate the new help strings, though.

I am at the edge of giving up on translators entirely. Other than you,
the common condition of the translations is decaying, due to lack of
attention to them, and insistence on some kind of external translation
support (e.g. launchpad), which I just don't want to expend the effort
to provide. It's just yet one more thing that needs attention, and if no
one else wants to put in the effort, I see no reason to do so for them.

If someone else wants to volunteer to be the focal point for that kind
of support, that would be great.

A quick peek at ar.po (as an example, just because it lists first
alphabetically) suggests it hasn't been touched in 4+ years, other than
routine pot re-gen and copyright updates.
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