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Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Apr 18 18:55:49 MST 2018

A bit late from original plan, but here it is.

4.1.x is expected to be a busy development time for Xiphos. Already with
updated Sword and BibleSync, future improvements will include heavy work
on module abbreviation sanity (it's an inconsistent hack right now; I'll
write about that to sword-devel sometime in coming weeks), more
BibleSync changes, resolution of the ("new") editor component problems,
and several other items on my mind.

Problems, questions...drop a note.

Source tarballs and Windows builds. Linux builds to happen as
per-platform builders do their thing.
I understand Debian/Ubuntu have a problem because of the outdated editor
issue. That will be handled soon.

xiphos.org references will be updated...um, probably tomorrow sometime.




Release 4.1.0
18 Apr 2017

There has been much bugfixing and a number of features and enhancements.
Internal compatibility updates were made for the new Sword 1.8 release,
notably providing some new av11n schemes.  Several flaws in Advanced
Search were corrected.  Ongoing changes to stay current with our display
toolkit were made.  Export output has gained headers showing what search
was executed on what module, and an export verse counting error was
fixed. Pre-book and -chapter material is visually offset from main
text.  (For examples, see module ESV2011 at every chapter 1.)  Due to
the availability of the new Android/iOS Sword app Bishop, which supports
BibleSync, Xiphos' use of BibleSync has been given some attention for
this release: fixed one bug; tightened up how a warning is used; added
optional on-demand-only keyboard-driven nav sync xmit as an enhancement,
so that Xiphos need not xmit every time the user navigates.

On Linux, when run under Wayland instead of Xorg, some mild rendering
flaws are seen.  Wayland is new, and working under it has provided some
surprises. Please help us work toward correcting these by submitting bug
reports when appropriate.

Issues addressed:
- #753 Unexpected Search Results
- #783 Add support for ancillary configuration files to unlock modules
from STEP Bible
- #809 Using meson to build xiphos
- #823 Flatpak available on Flathub
- #826 Module Manager problems in Xiphos 4.0.7 (win32) during attempts
to install Update module
- #828 #873 find dialog has an unknown button.
- #829 UI problem in Windows edition of Xiphos 4.0.6a (doubled arrows)
- #830 Add header lines to adv.search export
- #831 Module Manager problems in 4.0.7 (Ubuntu Linux)
- #834 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 which is deprecated
- #836 Replace lucene with soundex
- #837 settings.xml is in *nix EOL format on windows
- #838 Modules - About - Copy
- #843 Xiphos hates superscripts
- #845 show pre-chapter/-book material with italics
- #846 can't handle OT quote display variant
- #847 Compilation failed on Ubuntu 16.04
- #848 Xiphos doesn't use non-break space
- #850 Lack of space in the "about" module window
- #851 corrected use of verse number in chapter export
- #853 unexpected file list at the previewer pane
- #854 UI cut off on left side
- #855 Xiphos crashes at first start (with workaround)
- #857 Show the text of all the verses of a xref
- #858 Detached sidebar empty
- #859 windows 10
- #861 Need help compiling 4.0.7
- #862 Please update your translation tools
- #864 Cannot compile through AUR
- #865 Windows: Splash screen stuck, program unresponsive
- #869 Advanced search crashes if using custom list for
second/third/etc. time
- #870 Advanced search, exact phrase fails due to notes
- #871 Update dependencies
- #872 Bible showing weird characters
- #874 use gtkbox to replace gtk{v,h}box for xi-splash.ui
- #875 use gtkgrid to replace gtktable in edit_link_dialog.xml
- #876 #860 fixed gtk_font_button_get(set)_font_name deprecated
- #877 remove repeated arrow display
- #878 Xiphos website needs updating
- #881 #882 Wayland use under Gnome 3.26 or above leads to crash on
Navbar click
- #887 Add keyboard-only BibleSync navigation
- #888 update biblesync glue for biblesync 1.2.0
- biblesync: avoid versekey data corruption by using a copy -- orig. is
- biblesync: tell user exactly once that others are xmitting unknown
bible modnames.
- translation updates
- compatibility update for sword 1.8
- added gtk version checks and fixed numerous gtk deprecations.
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