[xiphos-devel] release coming next week; windows builds for .pre-8 available

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Apr 8 18:28:39 MST 2018

Having necessarily ignored much of Xiphos for some time, I'm finally
back at it and dealing with bug reports and some feature requests. There
were about a dozen updates in just the last day, and a few more are
pending, notably adv.search crashes, search unexpected results, and the
conclusion of some hackery regarding better display of pre-book content
(see e.g. ESV2011, which has introductory paragraphs in front of every
book's 1:1).

Very important: *Huge thanx* to Wu Xiaotian who has contributed several
important and useful updates, notably to our display toolkit internals.
The doubled arrows in the navbar are gone.

I don't bother making advance Linux builds any more (nobody ever gets
them; those who actually need and can use them are the kind of folk who
are happier building their own anyway), but there are 4.0.pre-8 Windows
builds available on ftp.xiphos.org in /pre-release.

Notably, for those who care, the new builds have Sword 1.8 internals →
new French versification schemes are available.

For developers aware of CSS internals, if you have any thoughts on how a
<div> block bound can be ignored and affect the entire display, I'd sure
appreciate a clue. https://github.com/crosswire/xiphos/issues/845
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