[xiphos-devel] new release by end of month

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Sep 5 06:33:24 MST 2017

Just FYI.

I've been busy, as anyone watching xiphos-source and issues email can
attest.  The issues list is down by more than half (it appears I've
closed 27 reports in the last couple weeks), to less than a single page
as shown by github, and only 2 of those remaining are bugs, the rest are
assorted feature requests, some reasonable and some not.  I've been
implementing several requested features, the most obvious of which to
users is that text of verse before/after the current chapter becomes
clickable as a way to nav to that chapter -- this was suggested in a
feat.req quite some time ago and it occurred to me just this past
weekend how to implement it readily.  Also, there is a new journal
template, a Bible per-book & -chapter outline, useful for brief chapter
notes (offered as a way to track one's progress through reading the
whole Bible).

I hope that some on the -devel list will keep up with test building and
experimentation as things move along, to make sure I don't introduce any
unexpected quirks along the way.
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