[xiphos-devel] Xiphos 4.0.5

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Apr 23 18:32:04 MST 2017

An act of desperation.

A week or so ago, I was informed of a heinous first-time user module
manager bug.  This has been lurking for some 18 months; I am alarmed
that no one noticed or reported it sooner. This release is for that fix;
no significant new capability.


There are my usual distribution formats: source tar.gz, Fedora RPM, Win
32/64 .exe (32 recommended), Ubuntu binary tree tar.gz (until packager
gets around to *.deb).

My other desperation is that we haven't had an engine release in 2.5 years.


Release 4.0.5
23 Apr 2017

- ReadAloud: Speak verse# only if we are showing verse# in text as well.
- Fix crash caused by lack of collator during mod.mgr in first run.
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