[wxsword-devel] MacOS X compile

Jason Turner wxsword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 23:46:59 -0600

That's great that it compiles! The code should compile fine unicode or 
non-unicode. The only difference that you will notice is an error when 
displaying a passage that wxHtml was not able to display "utf-8" character 

I have noticed some oddities with the toolbar when compiling for wxX11. 
Changing the code to explicitly use wxToolBarSimple instead of wxToolBar 
fixed some of the problems. If you find time, would you mind giving that a 
try? If it works we could go with something that uses wxToolBarSimple if not 
in GTK or Windows.

Double-Clicking should open the module, but there were issues with tracking 
the selected tab in windows, it is possible that similar problems exist in 
Mac OSX.


I just tried to do a compile on MacOS X (using just-checked out cvs). 

It compiles fine (even though I only have the non-unicode wx library 
installed... weird?)! 

However, when starting up, the search edit box is in the upper left corner,
covering part of the buttons. It shows my installed modules just fine,
but clicking on any module name doesn't provoke a
reaction. Double-clicking will make it crash :)

I think I'll try to get a compile using VC6 on Windows first to see
what it should work like, then get back to it and see whether I can
fix these problems. Don't count on that being very soon, though, 
I'm quite busy right now :).