[tyndale-devel] Trying out the desktop application

David Instone-Brewer davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 01:12:01 MST 2012


Tried it on a netbook (HP10)  with WinXP
Opened ZIP, double-clicked on "runSTEP.bat", clicked on message 
"Extract all" etc
Double-clicked on runSTEP
Ran installation, ending with a long stream of messages:
20-Nov-2012 08:06:20 
ter incrementToken
WARNING: Not a valid Strong's Number "H00"
WIndows security alert: WIndows Firewall blocked Java Platform Binary
- clicked on Unblock

The Command window remained showing the lucene warning for some minutes

DIdn't finish - got to go to work. Try there (though I won't be able 
to get to it till about 12 - sorry )

David IB

At 23:00 19/11/2012, Chris Burrell wrote:
>I've uploaded a new version of the desktop application, which now 
>includes an installer/setup page. Hopefully this work. Would be keen 
>to get feedback.
>The one requirement at the moment is that you already have Java 
>installed and on the PATH environment variable.
>The link is: 
>Please can you try it and let me know. The first time you run it, it 
>should take you to a configuration page to install various modules...
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