[tyndale-devel] Portable history should be available

David Instone-Brewer davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 02:05:56 MST 2011

It's a great feature.
I think a merged history is bound to be messy, but when you are 
hunting for that ref you can't remember, you won't remember the order 
very well either - you're just looking for that thing you recognise.

David IB

At 18:06 26/03/2011, Chris Burrell wrote:
>You should now be able to see your history on different browsers 
>when you login as t at t.c. You'll probably have to clear your cookies 
>from the previous time as well.
>My feeling is that it's a bit flaky at the moment, but seems to work 
>alright. Where history in the browser is out of sync with the one 
>from the user, the server tries to merge the history. That is, if 
>you've browsed sites recently without logging in, and then login, it 
>tries to merge your recent items together with the other items which 
>are stored on the server.
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