[tyndale-devel] Installing a new eclipse plugin

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Sat Mar 19 09:02:26 MST 2011


Crosswire.org has been updated.

I've had to change a setting on one of our libraries (ebeans, our current
ORM, used to dynamically generate subclasses which wasn't going to work on
Android, and was causing issues on Tomcat). There is now an extra step in
the build process (automatically included in the ant builds). However, if
you want to be doing it the same way in the code, you'll need to install the
ebean enhancer plugin:

4 steps to do so:
Install new eclipse plugin: http://www.avaje.org/eclipseupdate/
mvn -pl step-parent (if you want your projects to inherit the ebean nature
mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse
Refresh (F5) your eclipse projects (they should now automatically be enabled
with the ebean nature)

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