[sword-devel] Bible Desktop not displaying in some Linux Window Managers

Gary Bennett gary at egeiro.net
Thu Mar 31 20:07:17 EDT 2022


I currently have Bible Desktop/jsword 1.6 installed on a Linux machine 
running an up-to-date Arch distro with the dwm window manager. I use 
Bible Desktop only occasionally but appreciate the simplicity of the 

The problem is that Bible Desktop doesn't work under dwm. All I end up 
with is a white screen. The text seems to be on screen because if I move 
the cursor around it changes from a pointer to a hand and I can copy and 
paste text from the screen to an editor. But the screen is simply white 
with no borders, menus or text displaying.

I have tried a variety of other window managers--QTile, i3wm and XMonad. 
Bible Desktop works properly under QTile and i3wm but not under dwm or 

I realise this is perhaps off topic, but can anyone make any suggestions 
as to why Bible Desktop wouldn't work under dwm or XMonad?

Happy to provide more info or screenshots if needed.

Thanks, Gary

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