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Fri Mar 18 00:46:47 EDT 2022

Hi Vladimir,

I've updated the lesson selection to suck a bit less and fixed the 
problem when a lesson quiz was getting stuck toward the end when only a 
few cards were left to master.  Same link:


The source for our flashcards facility is here.  There is much more in 
that repo than just the quizzer that I introduced a few days ago.


The new quizzer is under the www/ folder.

You asked about a web application, and there is a web application 
available under the web/ folder, written in JSP.  The new www/ folder 
was started from this, but is purely html/js/css now, with no server 
backend required.  This allows the www/ folder to easily be turned into 
a mobile application which will run on both iOS and Android without 
changes using something like Cordova.  That is my current projected goal.

I hope that makes sense.  There is the beginnings of code to look in an 
audio/ folder to allow the user to hear the words.  That would be next.  
I might try to first investigate using some kind of text-to-speech 
service via Google or Apple.  That won't give us Erasmian pronunciation, 
but if you talk with a modern Greek studying ancient languages they mock 
us for our pronunciation anyway :)

Would love any help or suggestions.


On 3/17/22 18:38, vtamara wrote:
> Sounds interesting.  I would like to help, although I have so many 
> open source projects as volunteer going ... (check 
> https://gitlab.com/pasosdeJesus )
> Where is the source code of the flashcards app?
> Have you considered a web application for that? (latelay I have been 
> working specially on Ruby on Rails)
> Blessings.
> El 2022-03-10 18:15, Troy A. Griffitts escribió:
>> Hey guys. I have a seminary who wants to teach ancient biblical 
>> languages as living language, meaning they want to use audio and 
>> conversational exercises as they teach their students, just like one 
>> might teach any language actively used in the world today. Basically, 
>> they'd like DuoLingo for Ancient Hebrew and Greek. I did a quick 
>> search for "open source language learning frameworks" and couldn't 
>> find anything which looks like it has much promise.
>> Do you guys have any recommendations? Barring that, do any of you 
>> have any interest in either updating our flashcards app into a more 
>> capable DuoLingo-like app (+audio, different ways to ask questions, 
>> multiple options for correct answers, possibly more gamification), or 
>> simply starting something new like this?
>> The seminary says they have a team happy to provide the content.
>> Thanks for any research on this and for considering offering ideas 
>> and work,
>> Troy
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