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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Mar 10 18:15:22 EST 2022

Hey guys. I have a seminary who wants to teach ancient biblical languages as living language, meaning they want to use audio and conversational exercises as they teach their students, just like one might teach any language actively used in the world today. Basically, they'd like DuoLingo for Ancient Hebrew and Greek. I did a quick search for "open source language learning frameworks" and couldn't find anything which looks like it has much promise.

Do you guys have any recommendations? Barring that, do any of you have any interest in either updating our flashcards app into a more capable DuoLingo-like app (+audio, different ways to ask questions, multiple options for correct answers, possibly more gamification), or simply starting something new like this?

The seminary says they have a team happy to provide the content.

Thanks for any research on this and for considering offering ideas and work,

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