[sword-devel] Please support HTTPS repositories.

Michael Johnson Michael at eBible.org
Sat Jan 15 22:23:17 EST 2022

I thank God for you all who volunteer to work on the Sword Project.

I have been upgrading and refining my server layout for eBible.org and a dozen other Bible sites. Keeping FTP going is becoming harder all of the time. Indeed, HTTP (not S) is getting harder, too. HTTPS is the future-resistant protocol to access a Sword repository. I think this is not a problem for currently updated Sword front ends using current back ends. However, the ancient FTP protocol is a terrible protocol to rely on because by default, there is no security to it at all for authentication or content 
protection. It is easy to abuse. All major browsers have now stopped supporting it. HTTP without TLS is likewise lacking, but at least it is mostly supported by major browsers and libraries. Google and Apple are nudging everyone to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Of course, mainland China often blocks HTTPS traffic, trying to force traffic into the clear where it is easier to spy on and modify. It is a strange political environment, indeed.

THEREFORE, the eBible.org Sword repository at https://eBible.org/sword/ is the preferred repository to use for the modules I maintain.

I try to keep http://eBible.org/sword/ (not https) working, but it is getting hard to test that, as most modern browsers "help" me to a more secure connection.

Anonymous FTP does not work on the main eBible.org (no ftp.) server. It does work most of the time on a separate machine named ftp.eBible.org. That machine is running a software configuration with a known bug that I don't yet know how to work around that causes it to go down at seemingly random times, usually when I'm asleep or out of my office.

Just FYI...


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