[sword-devel] Introduction and titles in commentaries

Fr Cyrille fr.cyrille at tiberiade.be
Sun Oct 31 07:09:36 EDT 2021

I would like to share a recurring problem here. I started updating 
commentaries modules. I noticed that the titles in the introduction and 
the introductions themselves were not displayed.
If I comment the line GlobalOptionFilter=OSISHeadings then the 
introduction text or the headings that precede the chaptering will 
appear just fine. For example you can install MHC or FreAug, or even 
Clarke. In some cases I used custom titles with x-ms, x-s etc, so I 
could modify them with a css file. I thought it could come from there. 
But no, if I stay with classic titles with type=Chapter or type=main the 
problem remains. I tested on xiphos Bishop and Andbible.
If someone has an idea it would be very welcome.

Br Cyrille
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