[sword-devel] Windows Development

Jeff Becker jbecker at fiveviews.com
Mon Oct 4 18:25:27 EDT 2021

Hello, everyone.   


Sorry for disappearing a few months ago without resolving the questions that
I had. I have been taking care of issues in my personal life which I won't
go into here.


I've had time to consider what I would do with the project that I have been
working on and inquiring about here.  Seems I have a few options:

1)      Make the existing Win32 code work for what I'm doing;

2)      Convert what I have to the Linux platform and use what's actually
available and current in the SWORD Project;

3)      Work to bring the work you all have done into the current Windows /
.Net Framework environment;

4)      Give up and go another route;


I'm leaning toward the third, but I don't want to step on any toes. It will

.         Work out design issues (such as .Net only or .Net as a wrapper,
Azure compatibility)

.         Create MS VC++ Project(s) / Solution

.         Import code pages (mostly .cpp and .h pages presumably)

.         Work out build issues for both 32 and 64 bit platforms

.         Test the results (beginning with my own existing projects)

.         Share the code, preferably using a method you all are used to

.         Maintain the code (including changes to the main code base),
possibly as a new branch of the existing code


I'm willing to take this on if it's something that will be used by others
and, hopefully, supported by others as well.


I have to admit that my VC++ skills need improvement since I spend most of
my time in C#.  But it's a welcome chance to build my skill set. But, of
course, any help would be greatly appreciated, especially in understanding
both the current state and plans for the existing code base.


Regarding the other options listed above:

1)      I have successfully accessed the sword.dll file from C#.  It
required creating two separate wrapper classes and obtaining the mangled
name using a utility provided with Visual Studio.  There are shortcomings to
this approach including extensive coding and performance hits.  We can
discuss those if a decision is made to move forward;

2)      I think I individually, we as contributors and potential
contributors, as well as others who will come on later will all lose out
without a viable, up-to-date interface for Windows VS development;

3)      Bringing the code into current Windows, Visual Studio and .Net
Framework development;

4)      I like what's been accomplished in the SWORD Project and I want to
both use it and contribute to it.


I look forward to hearing from you all, especially those who currently work
in Windows development with this code.


Jeff Becker





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