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This week is the big conference week in the US for Bible research.

I have 2 different cards printed up to hand out this week.  The first is 
intended for students.


Probably the single most important resource for a seminary student is 
the German Bible Society's Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament.  After 
years of negotiation and a ton of work on our part to format their data, 
overlay morphology on top, have the INTF (the research institute that 
produces the text of the edition) proof and correct the morphology, The 
Germany Bible Society agreed last year to offer an unlock key for our 
software. It available from the install source: Deutsche 
Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society).  They are offering this module 
at a great price of 10€.  This is the cheapest way I know for a seminary 
student to purchase this resource, and I believe should go a long way to 
promote interest in what we do here at CrossWire at these conferences.  
We are promoting this offer together with the German Bible Society this 
year and it is featured on the back of both cards.  My goal is to leave 
tons of these with the backs up, on tables all around the conference 
centers and hotels and with booths of seminaries for their students.  It 
should be a great blessing to students.  The promotion has a QRCode 
which points to a special mobile page which shows how to install the 
module on an iPhone or Android using Bishop, but the promo page explains 
that we have many applications for many platforms and that all of our 
modules work across all of our software.  (I hope the NA28 works well on 
our various software platforms).


The second card I have to hand out is one that replaces the "Cool, Free, 
Open Source Bible Software" on the front, with "Publish Directly to 
Consumer."  These I intend to hand out at the publisher booths at the 
conferences.  I hope to pitch our model of direct to consumer to stir up 
interest from publishers to take their resources directly to the 
consumer, bypassing the distribution fees and markup charged by 
commercial software vendors (no offense to our commercial friends-- I 
pray their work will too be used to share Christ with a lost world).  
The interest we get from publishers will eventually be directed toward 
the modules team.  I hope we can overload our team and subsequently need 
to issue a call for modules team volunteers to help their great work.

So, please keep our ministry in your prayers this week (and always).  It 
is a pleasure and honor to serve Christ together with you,


On 10/29/21 06:03, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Anyone planning to visit Texas this year? I hope to be at each event. 
> Would love to meet if anyone else plans to attend or is in the area.
> https://www.etsjets.org/annual_meeting_overview
> https://ibr-bbr.org/annual-meeting/annual-lecture
> https://www.sbl-site.org/meetings/AnnualMeeting.aspx
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