[sword-devel] moving away from freenode

Eric Gillespie brickviking at gmail.com
Mon May 31 06:20:55 EDT 2021

On Sun, 30 May 2021 at 09:25, Loren Burkholder <
computersemiexpert at outlook.com> wrote:

> Why not do a massively bridged setup through Matrix? That way we could
> have IRC/Matrix/XMPP/Discord/etc. accessibility to the same conversation.
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Ugh. I'd rather just stick to one platform. I tried matrix for a while, it
got confusing as it was yet another client I had to keep track of: Skype,
Discord, Zoom (no, not really, but you know what I mean), IRC or XMPP. I
settled on IRC and Discord in the end.

My NZD0.02
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