[sword-devel] #bibletime is now on irc.oftc.net

Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Fri May 21 02:21:30 EDT 2021

Since my original notice generated a long but an unrelated thread about 
the future of the #sword channel under the same e-mail subject header, I 
want to reassure everyone interested in BibleTime development that we 
don't have any plans to move away from IRC at this point and active 
BibleTime developers will continue hang around in the #bibletime IRC 
channel on OFTC.

For regular BibleTime support/questions or if using IRC is a bar too 
high for you, the BibleTime developers can still be contacted via GitHub 
issues or the bt-devel mailing list.

Thank you for your attention! :)


On 19.05.21 21:39, Jaak Ristioja wrote:
> Hello!
> Due to the recent changes at Freenode [1] we have moved the #bibletime 
> IRC channel to the OFTC IRC network.
> Please see https://www.oftc.net/ for connection details.
> Best regards,
> J
> [1]: https://lwn.net/Articles/856543/
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