[sword-devel] English transliteration of Greek or Hebrew words

Jeff Becker jbecker at fiveviews.com
Sat May 15 04:23:15 EDT 2021

Tobias (et al),


I’ve been developing and using (for my own personal edification) a Greek/Hebrew reader that responds to touch/click with English translation, Strong’s numbers (with links) and a parsing code (gender, number, case, person, etc.) 


I’ve decided to either find something that meets my growing needs or make it. But to do so requires data.  The current version is based upon a reformatting of a free interlinear using C#, JavaScript, HTML5 and T-SQL (MSSQL). 


If you’re working on one I’d like to discuss joining our efforts if our goals are compatible.  Otherwise, I’m looking at the possibility of using the resources available through the SWORD project as a basis for my efforts.


My goals are (in no particular order):

-          An easy to use phone, tablet and desktop app (already in current version)

-          Touch/click responses by displaying various information (lexicography, parsing) (already in current version)

-          Ability to select various reading plans such as canonical order, Daniel Wallace’s One Year reading plan, chronological based on writing (already in current version)

-          Stored bookmarks (client and server storage shared across individual user’s computers) (already in current version)

-          Derived words in common language such as transliterations as a memory reinforcement tactic (eg. ‘geo’ – ‘graphy’);

-          Ability to substitute other languages for English translations / transliterations;


I can’t post a link here because I haven’t received permission or reuse the source material (BibleHub’s Greek-English and Hebrew-English Interlinear).  I am currently the only person using it.  I’ve done so to avoid any ethical or legal infringement on the source material.


If you or anyone else reading this are interested in working together I’d be happy to share my relevant code and experience.


Jeff Becker


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I am planning an interlinear view component for Ezra Project and as part of that I would like to show English transliterations of Greek or Hebrew words.


I found these JavaScript/TypeScript based packages, which could be useful:



Do you know of any other solutions out there?


Best regards,

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