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Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Wed Mar 31 02:46:42 EDT 2021

Great proposal, Troy!

I’d be glad to join if circumstances allow for it … whether it is Europe or the US. I’m usually in the US once a year when there is no pandemic …
Considering community closeness we could also check whether we can at least have a Skype or Zoom call once in a while (which doesn’t replace a real meeting, I know … but better than just email!)


> Am 28.03.2021 um 21:26 schrieb Troy A. Griffitts <scribe at crosswire.org>:
> Dear fellow CrossWire volunteers,
> It's been a really, really long time since we've had a SWORD Meet.  They
> have always blessed me greatly, getting to meet many of you and having
> the chance to spend a couple days fellowshipping, brainstorming, coding,
> and praying together.  We've had a few unofficial get-togethers, usually
> centered around other events we were already attending together like
> BibleTech, ETS, SBL, Fringe, etc...
> https://crosswire.org/~scribe/pics/photo.jsp?l=/2008/2008-09-18-Scotland/&i=imgp2234_swords.jpg
> But it has been over 15 years since we have had regular and
> intentionally planned official SWORD Meets...
> https://crosswire.org/~scribe/pics/photo.jsp?l=/2005/2005-02-Travel/2005-02-25/&i=imgp0163_groupshot.jpg
> https://crosswire.org/~scribe/pics/photo.jsp?l=/2002/0409_rome/2002-04-19_austria_to_cambridge/&i=pict0018_sword_group1.jpg
> ... when I was much thinner.  I miss the personal community closeness we
> had back then.
> I would really like to again offer 2 annual occasions for us to get
> together in person-- once during May/June in Europe and once in November
> in the U.S. 
> U.S. - November
> Many of us already attend the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)
> annual meetings in November, which are conveniently aligned in location
> and time with with the technology sessions of GERT at the Society of
> Biblical Literature (SBL).  Those meetings rotate U.S. cities each year,
> but are always just before Thanksgiving.  I have met informally with
> some of you during these conferences, as well, but I would like to start
> scheduling a U.S. SWORD Meet around this occasion.  I propose either a
> couple days before ETS or the Friday / Saturday between ETS and SBL,
> when ETS is winding down and SBL is still spinning up, and IBR has their
> free annual lecture-- which would be fun for those coming who officially
> are not attending either conference but coming just for the SWORD Meet.
> ETS: https://www.etsjets.org/annual_meeting_overview SBL:
> https://www.sbl-site.org/meetings/annualmeeting.aspx IBR:
> https://ibr-bbr.org/annual-meeting IBR:
> https://ibr-bbr.org/annual-meeting/annual-lecture
> Europe - Spring/Summer
> Our previous meetings were generously held at Daniel Glassey's apartment
> in Cambridge, UK.  I always enjoyed Cambridge, with the opportunity to
> meet and be encourage by the kind staff and researcher fellows at
> Tyndale House research library.  Daniel has been off serving with other
> ministries for the past decade so we probably need to find a new
> location for our European meetings (unless Daniel reads this and still
> would like to graciously offer his flat).
> It won't have the same opportunities to meet with world class Bible
> scholars that Cambridge / Tyndale House gave us, but we have talked
> about meeting during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh during August, and
> I have informally met with some of you during this occasion over the
> past years.  That's still an option and provides some fun around our
> meeting.  Hostels often have a common room were we can setup and meet in
> the afternoons.
> Another option is that I can invite you to my small apartment in Siena,
> Italy.  An advantage to this is, like Daniel's apartment in Cambridge,
> we can all sleep on couches and bunk beds and rollout mattresses on the
> floor and not have any accommodation expenses.  I also have fiber
> internet there and can be sure to have desk space and whiteboards handy
> and can take us to amazing pizza and gelato.
> ______________________
> What would be the interest for attending either event and what feedback
> do you have to my suggestions for time and venue?
> Troy
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