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Front-ends generally ignore config keys that are not documented in our wiki for SWORD based front-ends.

So the fact that most of the modules in the IBT repository contain keys that work primarily with xulsword doesn’t have any [negative] consequences when these modules are installed to other front-ends. It simply means that the particular features they are intended for are not [yet] supported.

FWIW, JSword treats some keys slightly differently than SWORD.

cf. Some config keys are required at and/or operate at the back-end API level.

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> My main thoughts are, unsorted and without conclusion
> 1) the conf file is a shared and joint space and we really do not want to introduce per-front-end special values there.
> 2) You have clearly thought deeper about the matter than so far anyone of us as far as I can tell from previous discussions on here.
> 3) As far as I can tell not many (any?) modules make specific use of the facility just yet, so we are at a place where we can still just change tack if need be without creating a compatibility gap.
> 4) users of course might have created their own CSS sheets, seeing the opportunity - and those who did might get hurt if we do something which breaks things. We need to think about that. Though chances are these are very knowledgeable people who probably only need a hint.
> 5) I am wondering if the name spaces can be created dynamically?
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> Subject: [sword-devel] About PreferredCSSXHTML
> From: Tuomas Airaksinen
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>> Hi,
>> I have implemented support for per-module custom CSS for And Bible (to be in And Bible 3.4, which is planned to be released later this year). I noticed that there's PreferredCSSXHTML config key for this purpose. However, CSS for And Bible need to be formatted in a specific way and plain CSS would mess up things -- I need per-module namespacing because the same WebView instance can show multiple module content simultaneously in some contexts (compare view, multi doc view, my notes, study pads etc). In addition, I also support specifying separate settings for dark night mode. Thus, I ended up, for now, using a custom AndBibleCSS key instead.
>> Current draft of how And Bible implements this, can be read here:
>> https://github.com/AndBible/and-bible/wiki/Custom-CSS-for-modules-for-And-Bible
>> How are other frontends implementing PreferredCSSXHTML?
>> Is there something similar implemented elsewhere too, as what I am doing?
>> Are there any modules using this configuration key in Crosswire or other public repositories?
>> Any other thoughts related to my approach?
>> Best regards,
>> Tuomas
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