[sword-devel] eBible.org & ftp.eBible.org migration complete

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Sun Jul 18 05:33:13 EDT 2021

Thanks Michael. I've just tested Bishop and it still successfully refreshes from eBible and was able to install the Dan: NAƆ ‑SË 'SËËDHƐ New Testament, so this should mean that all SWORD frontends which use SWORD's InstallMgr utility should be operating just fine against eBible. Thank you for maintaining support for our software and for spending the time to improve the user experience with higher bandwidth and better security! You are a huge part of our ministry together.


On July 18, 2021 6:29:12 AM GMT+02:00, Michael Johnson <Michael at eBible.org> wrote:
>The good news: eBible.org now has MUCH higher delivery bandwidth.
>Shouldn't be bad news: anonymous ftp ONLY works on ftp.eBible.org, not
>just plain eBible.org.
>Other good news: the Sword repository on https still works on
>Note: plain http requests will be redirected to https. This MIGHT break
>some front ends if they have lagged behind on network security. (HTTPS
>instead of HTTP is now required by some app stores.)
>This is both a bandwidth and security update. Splitting up eBible.org
>and ftp.eBible.org was part of the strategy to do this.
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