[sword-devel] Questions about input format

JD jd at oc-mail.de
Sun Jan 17 07:43:26 EST 2021

Dear all,

I have several questions regarding the input format for OSIS.

1. The <note> tag in OSIS bible is not working as expected:

<verse sID="Matt.1.1" osisID="Matt.1.1">Buch <hi type="sub">(der)</hi> 
Entstehung<hi type="sub">sgeschichte</hi><note type="x-footnote">11 Zur 
Erklärung ... aufnimmt (65,I,317f).</note> Jesu Christi, Sohn Davids, 
Sohn Abrahams.<verse eID="Matt.1.1"/>

In Xiphos, I can see a footnote, but I can't see any content. What is 
the expected tag here?

2. What is the expected entryFree tag for TEI dictionaries? I may use 
(for example) <entryFree n="Aaron|0000000001">. But with this, I can 
only search for AAR (with capital letters) to find this entry.

3. How can I link from a TEI dict to a bible? The German Strong's dict 
has several biblical references (c.f. 
but I could not find any documentation on that and my tests were not 

Thank you so much for any hint on these issues.

Kind regards!

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