[sword-devel] Doing something useful with the OSIS name element?

Michael Johnson Michael at eBible.org
Sat Jan 16 20:46:03 EST 2021

FWIW, I'm not aware of anyone actually making use of the "name" feature of OSIS or the corresponding "pn" feature of USFM/USX in anything but Chinese. There it often results in an underline. Of course, I don't know everything...

On 1/16/21 6:25 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> Dear developers,
> A few years back, DM Smith and I discussed the possibility to enhance the CrossWire flagship *KJV* module by marking all *names* therein - each with suitable *attributes*.
> /This is still something I'd like to be involved with when I have more free time for CrossWire activities./
> AFAICT, the SWORD API currently doesn't do anything special with the OSIS *name* element.
> IMHO, we could do something useful here and thereby enhance the understanding of a suitably marked up Biblical text.
> _Suggestions_:
>  1. Provide a new filter to display words wrapped within the *name* element using (e.g.) *bold* font style.
>  2. Support a new module configuration key *GlobalOptionFilter=OSISNames* to allow the front-end to toggle this on and off.
>  3. Add API support to succinctly display *attribute* values for the name element (e.g. by mouseover tooltip, etc).
> _Discussion points_:
>   * There are some words that are used as a *name* in some places but as an ordinary common word in other places.
>   * Although we capitalise names in *English*, we also capitalise the first word of every sentence, thus potentially leading to ambiguities for new readers.
>   * All nouns in *German* are capitalised, so a learner of the language has an even harder job to know which words are names.
>   * There are several writing systems in which there is no visual clue at all to indicate which words are names.
>   * cf. There are even some writing systems in which there is no space between words.
>   * Not all writing systems have font support for *bold* style, so perhaps an alternative display method might need to be defined in the .conf file ?
> Best regards,
> David
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