[sword-devel] Translations from Trinitarian Bible Society

Timmy tim.bze at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 13:16:08 EST 2021

Hello Dominique / and to whom else it may concern,

I have contacted Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) about the possibility of
using their translations as SWORD modules. I was in contact with Jonathan
Arnold, the Editorial Director in London.

I was specifically asking about the Reina-Valera SBT, which they now have
the New Testament complete (the OT is still a work in progress). They have
it in XML format, and they are open to making an agreement with Crosswire
for distribution. They also have more other Bible languages and versions,
but there are specifics about agreements that may differ from each
translation, so he asked that Crosswire would ask for the specific ones
they are interested in.

Is this something that Crosswire would be interested in doing? Is there
something else I could help with to get it done? I'm inquiring about this
because I would love seeing their Spanish translation available in

Here is TBS page about the languages they have work on:

Kind regards,
*Timmy Braun*
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