[sword-devel] Oops! eBible.org repository rebuilding, now.

Michael Johnson Michael at eBible.org
Thu Dec 30 02:16:17 EST 2021

Aloha! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

While setting up a new workstation, it seems I failed to get osis2mod 
installed when I thought I did. Consequently, with my last rebuild of 
the Bible sites, instead of updating Sword modules, their contents got 
deleted. The process is running again to rebuild all modules from the 
latest source files, which should be completed within 24 hours if all 
goes well.

Also of note, due to a bad case of bit rot, I have shut down use of my 
ftp server EXCEPT for the Sword repository. By bit rot, I mean that all 
major browsers have now dropped support for FTP for (valid) security 
reasons. This made people think that the ftp site was down when it 
actually was. Telling people to use Filezilla or a command line FTP 
client instead is a pretty user hostile approach, so I changed all of my 
internal links to https links instead. I strongly recommend that 
everyone support HTTPS for Sword repositories at your earliest 
convenience. For now, I'll support both HTTPS and FTP, but they are on 
separate machines, and the HTTPS server is much faster. 
(ftp://ftp.ebible.org/sword/ vs. https://ebible.org/sword/). HTTP 
instead of HTTPS should work, now, too, but Google and others are trying 
to strongly encourage replacing HTTP with HTTPS. Of course the People's 
Republic of China has been known to block HTTPS but not HTTP sometimes, 
because they want to see what traffic contains so they can censor it 
more effectively.


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