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Hey guys and gals,

What's the current situation with PocketSword?  I know someone claimed 
they were planning to assume ownership of the project and build against 
the latest stuff, but I can't remember who.  This email was just sent to 
sword-support and I don't believe we have anyone subscribed there with 
the answers for this user.  Would be great if someone could pick up 
maintenance of that app.  It seems it is very popular.


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Subject: 	[sword-support] ESV?
Date: 	Mon, 7 Sep 2020 09:01:36 -0700
From: 	John Kempe
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Hi there,

Questions (I have recently upgraded from iPhone6 to iPhone SE,):

1)Will you continue to support PocketSword? Concerns noted on many of 
the PocketSword forums (fora?) have gone unanswered for months or even 
years. My google searches aren’t effective either.

2)Example: like others who are experiencing the same issue with 
commentaries, maps (?!), etc., I am no longer able to download the ESV.

3)Assuming the answer to 1) is yes, are there plans to restore the ESV?

If the answer to 2) is no, how sad. I really do love your app! For ease 
of use, especially the concordance, and search function - there is none 

Thanks for your time,

John Kempe

P.S. -  I still have my old iPhone on which PocketSword works perfectly, 
ESV and all. That said, I would rather not have to carry the old iPhone 
around with me unless there is no other solution.

P.P.S – PocketSword  v.1.4.8 (20) is loaded on both phones

Thx again.

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