[sword-devel] Ezra Project 0.14.0 released

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sat Sep 5 05:12:06 EDT 2020

Hi Greg,

There are two fixes available in Ezra Project master, you can pull and 
see whether those fixes are what you expected. Also, I could not 
reproduce one of your reported issues. See below.

>> 1) I absentmindedly selected a random module and pulled up a random 
>> book - Ecclesiastes in the Westcott-Hort Greek NT module. Of course, 
>> Ecclesiastes was grayed out in the book selection box, but that 
>> didn't stop me from selecting it. As a result, I sat and stared at 
>> the spinning UI widget for an embarrassingly long period of time 
>> before I realized it was a PEBKAC situation and not a technical one. 
>> Perhaps disabling the selection (or even display?) of unavailable 
>> portions of a text would be an improvement, here?
> Disabling the selection is what I would consider.

This is fixed now.
See https://github.com/tobias-klein/ezra-project/issues/111

>> 4) When I loaded a verse and clicked "Compare Translations", I really 
>> like the box that pops up. That's a nice touch I haven't seen 
>> anywhere else. However, the title bar for it reads "Comparing 
>> translations for None" when accessed from searches. It properly shows 
>> "Comparing translations for Matthew 1:1" when I access it directly 
>> from the text.
> That's a bug for sure. I'll fix it in the next release.
I could not reproduce this. Would you mind sending me a detailed 
"scenario" of your "click sequence" and which module you were using?

>> 5) Looking at the text window, it was not immediately obvious that 
>> the numbers running down the left hand side were chapter numbers. I 
>> thought they were allowing me to select verses and get more 
>> information on the verse itself. So when I clicked on one, it 
>> surprised me to be suddenly taken to another place in Matthew. 
>> Perhaps a header in the column would be appropriate?
> Good point. I like usability feedback! Yes, I'll consider adding a 
> small header.

This is fixed now.
See https://github.com/tobias-klein/ezra-project/issues/112

>> 6) Something is weird about the rendering of footnotes in the ASV 
>> module. Instead of having superscript characters, the numbers (1, 2, 
>> 3) appear in the text directly, and the footnotes appear directly at 
>> the end of each verse like "1) some note text". This isn't the case 
>> with other modules I tested, so something is going on that's 
>> different. Most likely a difference in the rendered HTML from the 
>> module. ASV isn't particularly necessary, it's just one I happened to 
>> have installed and could take a look at.
> I need to look into this and get back separately.

For now I created an issue on GitHub, have not looked into the 
root-cause yet.

Best regards,

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