[sword-devel] Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Nov 27 13:14:22 EST 2020

Dear fellow engineers,

I'd like to throw out an idea for discussion.  A bit of background for 
target use cases:  I attend a rather large church, Scottsdale Bible 
Church, https://scottsdalebible.com and was having a discussion with one 
of the pastors about volunteer opportunities.  He was expressing his 
desire to get more people to volunteer for the ministries he oversees at 
the church, and I was expressing to him my outsider perspective, that I 
would like to contribute time volunteering in ministries at the church 
but have absolutely no idea where there is a need.

Of course, like most of us would, I immediately began thinking of all 
kinds of ideas to solve the problem: a basic portal where ministry leads 
could login and post position descriptions, timeslots with needed counts 
for each position. For volunteers, a hierarchical list view of 
opportunities, or using some kind of topic/category tagging, and 
alternatively, a calendar view of opportunities. Something where counts 
would decrement to zero as people claimed responsibility for posted 
opportunities, and a weekly report which might show opportunities which 
were not filled the week prior, as maybe a metric for what opportunities 
might be mentioned from the pulpit.

Anyway, those were my 15 minutes of thought from my discussion with one 
of my pastors.  I have done no research to see if such software exists, 
or if other ministries might find it useful if it doesn't, and this is 
my first attempt see if anyone has any thoughts or interest in a 
providing a solution under our CrossWire banner.

What do you think?


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